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:::supermoving music:::
:::here's a few mp3's that represent a cross section of the supermoving back catalogue over the last couple of download, just right click the 'download mp3' link and 'save as':::

:::to preserve bandwidth, they're mostly lo-fi 64Kbps mp3 files, so if you want CD quality 192Kbps mp3's or a promo CD containing all the supermoving tracks, please e-mail me:::

:::you know who you are:::
the most sucessful supermoving track to date, a chilled breakbeat kinda vibe, featured on the 'cool terrasse' compilation in Switzerland.

:::download mp3 (2.7MB):::
:::that is all (radio edit):::
recorded while electroclash/synthpop/electropop/whatever you want to call it was in it's prime, this is heavily influenced by 80's electronica

:::download mp3 (1.8MB):::
:::xpress2 - "lazy" remix:::
does exactly what it says on the tin, a remix of the xpress2 track

:::download mp3 (5.8MB):::
:::deep dish - "say hello" remix:::
(mostly!) instrumental rerub of the deep dish tune

:::download mp3 (6.8MB):::

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